POP presents: San Francisco meets Nashville CHEF DOMINIQUE CRENN

By POP NASHVILLE (other events)

Saturday, July 26 2014 7:00 PM 10:30 PM

POP Nashville, the innovative pop-up dining and event space in Nashville, TN is excited to announce [City] Meets Nashville, a cultural series where the artists of [city] bring their respective talents to Nashville for one weekend through art, food, music and design.

To begin the series, this coming July, POP Nashville will welcome two Michelin star Chef Dominique Crenn to Nashville for a truely San Francisco inspired culinary event.

Hailing from Versaille France, it was in 1988 that Crenn began her formal training in San Francisco. As a young woman, she travelled the world, an experience that she sites has had a lasting effect on her food and the flavors she chooses. Her career has taken her from San Francisco to Jakarta where she was the first female Executive Chef in Indonesia, through the ranks of Iron Chef. Chef Crenn’s food is a “poetic” representation of culture and influences, much like her chosen city of San Francisco, of where she now lives.

Crenn founded Atelier Crenn, a “poetica culinaria” in January 2011 in San Francisco. In October 2012, she was awarded her second Michelin star, making Chef Crenn the only two star female chef in America.

Her dedication to her craft, pushing the boundaries of her work as a woman in the field, and her representation of the culinary scene in San Francisco highlight the reasons she was chosen to be the first Chef to represent her [city] in the POP Nashville driven event series.

Join us for a very special culinary event.

Saturday evening, July 26th a multi course dinner for $200 per person (tax and tip inclusive), $50 for paired beverage service.

Tickets can be purchased here through PAY PAL, or you can email us for reservations and payment arrangements directly at

Menu:  "poetic culinaria"
A seven course experience
oyster | coffee | apple tobacco
salsify | cauliflower | white chocolate
peas | favas | pistachio | lard | ham hock and truffle
yuzu panna cotta | smoked buckwheat and avocado | trout caviar and tomato dashi
mackerel | turnip | white beet
pigeon | oats | apricot



There will be no menu substitutions available.